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Speediance Review 2024 → Practical Home Gym Machine to Burn More Calories

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About Speediance

Working out must be comfortable and valuable for everyone. However, it’s not easy to find a cozy place to exercise. Speediance works hard to provide the best home gym machine for every customer.

Speediance Review: About Speediance
Image: speediance.com

It intends to utilize AI in creating a practical home gym ambiance. In addition, the company prioritizes customers and quality by selling well-made and innovative items. It also focuses on progress and development with easy application.

This company works with 293 backers on Kickstarter and has more than $561,752 in funding to help bring the project to life. It also has more than 2K followers on Instagram and Facebook.

Stay tuned to learn the brand’s history, best-selling product reviews, customer feedback, and more on this page if you’re looking further into the brand. So, let’s move to the Speediance reviews next section now!

Overview of Speediance

This brand is technically under the supervision of Shenzhen Chaoneng Fitness Technology Development Co., Ltd.; The owner is Li Hsing Tsai. It developed with a concept of hardware, content, AI trainers, and community.

It can’t develop independently, so the company launched it on a crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, in 2020. Afterward, many people fund the process until it reaches $560,000 in 30 days with many backers.

It has a mission to provide users with a safer, more scientific, and reliable fitness lifestyle. Furthermore, it intends to create the world as a lively place with an all-in-one Speediance Home Gym Monster.

Nowadays, it focuses on serving the best for every customer worldwide with product development, shipment, warranty, returns, and refunds. Thus, the brand is perfect for anyone who loves to work out efficiently from home.

Before we go over the Speediance review, just below, I’ll write the pros and cons of the brand.

Speediance Pros

  • Provides high-quality machines for home gym
  • It provides a portable design for only 10 square inches
  • Offers more than 100+ expert trainers with 200+ 15-minutes training video
  • Suitable for anyone too busy to exercise at the gym
  • Ships to North America, the EU, the UK, Australia, and Asia
  • Provides two-year warranty
  • Offers returns and refunds within seven days
  • It has excellent and fast customer service
  • Has many good feedbacks from customers

Speediance Cons

  • The product may be less convenient for beginners
  • Does not offer free shipping
  • The brand doesn’t ship to PO Box and APO/FPO/DPO addresses

Speediance Review

After all, you learn a lot regarding this startup business. However, you can’t skip this article since I’ll provide more deep research from Speediance.

Speediance Reviews: Speediance Review

This brand offers only one machine for the home gym. But it also has accessories for training, such as a barbell, handle, rowing bench, and many more.

However, checking out all the products that the brand has to offer must take a more extended period. So I decided to focus on the machine only. Then, without further ado, let’s begin with Speediance’s product review!

Speediance Home Gym Monster Reviews

Now, let’s focus on Speediance Home Gym Monster reviews. It’s an all-in-one design workout device for full-body training, allowing you to train with equipment.

Speediance Review: Speediance Home Gym Monster Reviews

The Speediance Home Gym offers a versatile and space-saving solution for fitness enthusiasts. Boasting up to 220 lbs of adaptive resistance, over 500 moves, and 180+ workouts, it covers full-body muscle development, dynamic weight modes, partner mode, Freelift, and combines cardio and strength training.

The all-in-one smart gym is designed to occupy minimal space while providing maximum functionality. Additionally, Gym Monster can also transform into various equipment types since it is a full-body workout machine, such as a rowing machine, ski machine, squat rack, and gantry rack, further enhancing its versatility and adaptability.

In addition, the brand offers several accessories and membership for complete service. It’s a multitasking product that can transform into rowing, skiing, aerobics, anaerobic, HIIT, or even yoga. You’ll get 100+ professional training lessons to help you exercise more.

This product is 85 kg in weight, and you can ideally put it in your room. Prepare for 10 square inches to install this wireless item and exercise comfortably. Once you finish the workout, fold the machine to save more space.

Furthermore, every customer can customize the workout routine. Merely use the touch screen 21.5 inch LCD and quickly get every training. Afterward, connect the equipment to the machine that can hold up to 200 lbs.

Note that the accessories and rowing bench will be charged with another cost. However, every purchase of this item includes tax, a two-year warranty, five-members sharing, and friendly official customer service in the US.


  • Easy application, installation, and foldable
  • Provides 100+ expert workout routine
  • Offers digital LCD with a multitasking machine
  • It can hold up to 200 lbs
  • It is compatible with many sports
  • Offers warranty and multiple memberships

Therefore, you can easily do a regular workout with your beloved people from home for only $3,599.99. But if you purchase it now, you’ll get exclusive deals plus free membership in 2022 for only $2,699!

Speediance Course Reviews

You already know the highlights of the machine. Now is the time to learn about what workouts that the brand has to offer since it’s essential for every home gym.

Speediance Review: Speediance Course Reviews

The machine will focus on four workouts: full body, upper body, core, and lower body. However, it offers 200+ 15-minute workouts from 100+ expert courses.

It’s what people require the most because you wouldn’t need to do anything but follow the movement. Furthermore, it classifies HIIT, yoga, hip and thigh-burning, and chest and back training.

You can focus on burning calories and enhancing muscle mass. Merely customize the workout you require and do the exercise regularly. Hence, it is a perfect item that you need suppose you don’t have time to go to fitness.

Speediance App Reviews

You might think that working out from the machine isn’t convenient. However, the brand innovates and creates an application for easy checking.

Speediance Review: Speediance App Reviews

This app is available in Google Play Store and iOS. It promotes scientific and reasonable plans for every customer. You can check every progress you make from the machine from your smartphone.

In addition, it will provide a tracking report to witness the development. So the application is practical, and it will synchronize every training precisely in one tap.

How Does Speediance Home Gym Monster Work?

As you know, the brand enhances AI analysis and guidance for easy working out.

Speediance Review: How Does Speediance Home Gym Monster Work?

Here are how the machine works:

  • The AI will analyze your body, including weight, height, and gender
  • Afterward, it will provide recommended training for you after you join the membership on the app
  • Then, customize the workout routine and the focus you want
  • That’s it! You may begin the exercise to reach your goals by burning calories.

Speediance works marvelously to provide the best for customers. Therefore, you can exercise regularly for every day’s schedule and be more potent than before.

Speediance Price

The Speediance Home Gym is priced at $2,699, with taxes already included in the cost. This one-time payment covers the entire system, making it a more budget-friendly option compared to other home gym solutions that require ongoing monthly subscription fees.

When you invest in the Speediance Home Gym, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that it comes with a 2-year warranty. This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, ensuring that you can rely on the quality and durability of the equipment.

The Speediance Home Gym system is designed for multi-user sharing, accommodating up to five members. This feature allows families or housemates to share the equipment and workout programs, maximizing the value and benefits of the home gym.

Speediance Subscription Cost

A monthly membership for Speediance is priced at $29, providing access to various workouts integral to the system. An appealing feature of Speediance’s membership is the allowance of four extra profiles on a single account, enabling cost-sharing among five users. This option makes the membership more affordable and accessible for families or groups of fitness enthusiasts.

Speediance vs Tonal Comparison

Speediance is a home gym system that focuses on speed training and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. The system features a compact design that easily fits into a small space and includes resistance bands, a speed ladder, agility cones, and other accessories designed to improve speed, agility, and cardiovascular fitness.

Tonal, on the other hand, is an all-in-one digital weight system that uses advanced technology to offer a comprehensive strength training experience. It features a sleek, wall-mounted design with adjustable arms and digital weights, providing users with a wide range of resistance levels and workout options. Tonal’s integrated touchscreen allows users to access hundreds of guided workout programs, track progress, and receive real-time coaching feedback.

Speed Training vs. Strength Training

While Speediance focuses on speed and agility training through the use of resistance bands and other accessories, Tonal emphasizes strength training with its digital weight system. If your primary fitness goal is to improve speed and cardiovascular fitness, Speediance may be the better choice. However, if you’re more interested in building muscle and improving overall strength, Tonal is the better option.

Space Requirements

Speediance is designed for compact spaces, making it suitable for those with limited room for a home gym. The equipment can be easily stored when not in use, and the workouts require little more than the length of the speed ladder. Tonal, though sleek and wall-mounted, does require a dedicated space for its installation and a small clearance around the unit for the adjustable arms.

Workout Programs

Tonal offers a wide variety of workout programs and coaching options to suit different fitness levels and goals. Users can choose from strength training, HIIT, yoga, and even guided meditation sessions. Speediance, however, primarily focuses on speed and agility workouts, which may not be as comprehensive as Tonal’s offerings for users seeking a well-rounded fitness routine.


Tonal is the more expensive of the two options, with a higher initial investment for the equipment and a monthly subscription fee for access to the workout programs and coaching. Speediance, in contrast, has a lower upfront cost for its equipment, with no additional subscription fees. Users should consider their budget and long-term commitment to their fitness journey when deciding between the two options.

Both Speediance and Tonal offer unique home gym solutions tailored to different fitness goals and preferences. Speediance is an excellent choice for those seeking to improve speed, agility, and cardiovascular fitness in a compact, budget-friendly package. Tonal, on the other hand, provides a comprehensive strength training experience with the added benefit of guided workout programs and coaching, though at a higher cost.

Image 1: Speediance Home Gym Comparison
Image: speediance.com
Image 2: Tonal Home Gym Comparison
Image: tonal.com

Speediance Home Gym Monster

  • It can hold a weight of up to 220 lbs
  • Provides two-years warranty
  • Ships to North America, the EU, the UK, Australia, and Asia
  • Promotes DIY installation
  • Once a danger appears, the device is automatically off, nearing the possible risk
  • The price is $3,599.99, excluding smart accessories, but you’ll get free membership in 2022.

Tonal Home Gym

  • It can hold up a weight of up to 200 lbs
  • Provides three-years warranty
  • Only ships to the US, Hawaii, and Alaska
  • Customers must hire a professional from the brand to install the device
  • It cannot stop automatically, even during a possible danger
  • The price is $3,495, excluding smart accessories and membership.

Who is Speediance For?

This brand appears for everyone who wants to exercise but has no time. It is also suitable for people who are too shy to exercise with many people around.

Speediance Review: Who is Speediance For?

The idea of a home gym is spectacular because you can work out freely at home. In addition, you are free to choose which training is suitable for you without being forced by trainers.

So not only is the machine convenient, but also you are free to use any accessories to enhance your body.

Speediance Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Now, you must be curious about the reaction to buying items from this company. So, please be patient because I’ll break down the testimonials in this section.

Speediance Review: Speediance Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

First, the machine gets a 4/5 rating from T3 Review. The reviewer stated how suitable the product is due to its portable design. Although it is less convenient for beginners, the machine is easy to use.

On the other side, the machine gets a 5/5 rating on its official website. One of the customers said:

Speediance is better than I could have hoped for. The machine is extremely versatile. … Moving the connections points and swapping out attachments is very smooth and easier to do than I think most of the videos show. … This machine combined with some free weights and resistance bands is basically a complete home gym. Extremely pleased with my purchase and would recommend.

This review stated that the machine from the brand exceeded expectations. It is versatile and easy to use. Furthermore, the customer satisfied because it is a complete home gym she would recommend to other buyers.

Another review stated:

I will definitely give a 5 stars for this incredible machine. … I can say this is definitely far better than them. It is portable, strong and durable. I can use my own incline bench , my own attachment as I was given for 4 attachment clips. The after sale support was fast and excellent. The set up was easy and also most important, I cut my training time for at least 50% and faster to get failure. This is my favourite equipment, even cost me 10k I also will buy..

This buyer expressed how valuable the machine is for training. He can do any activity with ease, including with an incline bench. In addition, he complimented the helpful customer service. To sum up, he did not have any complaints regarding this item.

Here, I can say that the brand performs well in products and customer service. Many customers are satisfied and make it their favorite item to exercise. Well, yeah, Speediance is worth-checking.

Is Speediance Worth It?

Speediance is perfect for anyone who does not find crowded is easy. It is also suitable for busy people who cannot go to the gym often. The machine is worth-checking, and the brand is worth it.

Speediance Review: Is Speediance Worth It?

It performs excellently to create a comfortable space for working out at home. In addition, it features AI that can arrange and synchronize every progress in seconds. Therefore, you should not confuse looking for the development of your body.

It also has a warranty to ensure every customer gets perfect products for working out at home. So at last, this company proves its reputation for providing joyful and comfy working out machines.

Speediance Shipping Policy

Fortunately, this brand ships internationally to North America, the EU, the UK, Australia, and Asia. However, it does not ship to PO Box and APO/FPO/DPO addresses.

It requires three to five business days to pack your orders. Most of the shipping will send with DHL, UPS, FedEx, and TNT to your door. Note that the buyer is responsible for the shipping fee, tax, and everything.

Once your order ships, you’ll receive a confirmation email and tracking number. If you find a problem, please get in touch with the team at [email protected].

Speediance Return Policy

Speediance provides returns and refunds within 7-days after you receiving the package. Please contact the [email protected] with your issue. In addition, ensure that the product you’ll return in its original packaging and unused.

Send your information regarding the product to the email and the team will make it right for you. Once the return is eligible, you’ll get the refunds within 7 to 14 business days.

Speaking of which. This brand has several terms and conditions on return products. Please check this page to dig deeper and learn the policies.

Speediance Warranty Policy

Luckily, the company provides a two-year warranty for the machine and a one-year for the accessories. However, the brand will not serve the policy for these conditions:

  • A damaged item caused by inappropriate use, maintenance, storage, and force majeure
  • Normal use and tear
  • A damaged item due to the unauthorized repairs
  • Preloved items

You may only claim it for failure during the warranty period. Kindly shoot an email to [email protected] to get the offer.

How to Contact Speediance

Further information regarding this brand may follow the steps below:

Or visit the company’s social media at:

Where to buy Speediance?

This brand is committed to quality for every customer. So, the only site to purchase items from this company is the Speediance official website.

Speediance Coupon Codes & Promos

Yahoo! I know you are looking for a Speediance discount code and promotions. Take a look at the list below to get exclusive deals:

  • Subscribe to the official website for a 7-days free workout plan
  • Get $900.99 off for Home Gym Monster for only $2,699
  • Purchase the item now and get free membership in 2022

Kindly visit the website for further information regarding the sales.

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Speediance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Speediance reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Speediance?

This brand is technically under Shenzhen Chaoneng Fitness Technology Development Co., Ltd.; The owner is Li Hsing Tsai.

Does Speediance ship internationally?

Yes, but the brand serves orders and shipping to North America, the EU, the UK, Australia, and Asia. Note that it does not ship to PO Box and APO/FPO/DPO addresses.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Speediance Reviews & Ratings

Working out can enhance your body to be more fit. However, some busy people can’t do it because of too many assignments. Speediance is an excellent solution to take care of your body with the home gym.

In addition, the brand has your back with the most suitable machine ever! You can customize your need and do the training with ease. Not only is the product helpful, but also you can be healthier than before. So, check the website and purchase the item to burn more calories!


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